Additional Services


Design of micro-pile foundation systems for new structures, underpinning, and retrofitting or enhancing the capacity of drilled shaft foundations.

Probabilistic Cost and Schedule Estimating

Development of probabilistic overlays on conventional cost estimating and scheduling models. Working with and training construction cost estimators in soliciting subjective assessments of uncertainty in unit rates and likelihood of events.

Risk/Uncertainty Analysis and Decision Support

Development and analysis of decision models for allocating the distribution of limit resources towards accomplishing strategic goals. Applicable to decisions that are characterized by conflicting objectives, differing value judgments of multiple direct and third party stakeholders, and risk associated with the uncertainty in predicting the decision outcomes.

Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews

Participation in independent value engineering and constructability review boards.

Legal Assistance

Providing analysis services and Expert Witness for understanding and explaining the likely causes of losses incurred by parties in litigation relating to geotechnical assets.